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Min forfatterside på Amazon

Et par af mine bøger, “Kurt Dunder In Africa” og “Kitty With The Big Balls”, ligger til salg på Amazon – både som printbøger og e-bøger (Kindle). Jeg er meget imponeret over Amazons setup, der nu også giver ophavsmændene mulighed for at skræddersy og vedligeholde deres egen forfatterside og dermed kommunikere direkte med læserne. Ud over biografi og profilfoto kan man uploade videoer og linke til sin blog, så indlæg dér automatisk vises på forfattersiden på Amazon. Endelig kan man bestyre sin eventkalender, så Amazons brugere kan se, om man snart er i nærheden for at signere bøger.

Min forfatterside har fået adressen amazon.com/author/frankmadsen


Don Rosa, chilies and comic cons

Don Rosa visits Copenhagen - click to read the comic strip in bigger format
Don Rosa visits Copenhagen – click to read the comic strip in bigger format

In November 2015 famous Disney duck artist Don Rosa visited Copenhagen to participate in the comics convention Art Bubble at The Round Tower. As usual he drew huge crowds of duck fans from all over the country, who wanted Don’s signature and a drawing of Scrooge McDuck, Daisy or some of the other characters from Denmark’s most popular comics magazine, “Anders And & Co.” – which also sported a Don Rosa cover that week and a short story inside the magazine about Scrooge McDuck visiting the festival.

Sussi Bech and I could not resist the opportunity to include the event in our comic strip “Eks Libris“, that has been a part of weekly newspaper Weekendavisen’s literary supplement since 2009. As always we let our dysfunctional biker family visit the event and spread havoc. But noone, and least of all Biker Joe, expected Don Rosa’s secret weapon: home grown chilies. A treat that I tried myself during the festival dinner, where Don himself took a walk around the restaurant offering generous samples.

Don Rosa's chilies
Don Rosa’s plate of homegrown chilies before Frank ate them (not)

After the festival we were contacted by a Danish Don Rosa fan, who wanted to buy the original drawing and an English translation of the strip to show Don.

Art Bubble will take place next year in Horsens at Industrimuseet.