Månedsarkiv: april 2016

Kitty With The Big Balls

The cat Kitty on the road
Kitty hits the road

New ebook for Kindle: “Kitty with the big balls” by Frank Madsen and Sussi Bech.

The inconspicious, unconventional picture book “Kitty with the big balls” follows Kitty’s struggle to survive in a hostile and unfair environment that demands that he work for food. Kitty is a proud and free but somewhat lazy, uncastrated male cat. His main assets are his free spirit and his big mojo. In the end Kitty comes out triumphant.

“Kitty with the big balls” can be bought from Amazon (Kindle edition).

The Origin of Kitty

Kitty is a character from Frank Madsen’s and Sussi Bech’s weekly comic strip, Ex Libris, that appears every Friday in the literary supplement of Weekendavisen, one of Denmark’s most respected newspapers. The strip satirizes everything in the swank world of literature: the authors, the publishing houses, the bookstores, the librarians, and – the readers. Created in 2009, the weekly comic strip the size of a american Sunday strip has been immensely popular and has so far had its entries reprinted in eight book collections.

Kitty’s picture book is for sale as a printed version as well, but only in German and French.

Kurt Dunder in Africa

My first Kurt Dunder book, “Kurt Dunder in Africa”,  is now available in English from Amazon. Both as print edition and as digital book for Kindle Reader/app.

Kurt Dunder is a famous adventurer and scientist who travels around the world along with his friend Bill Milton and Attila the monkey to solve strange mysteries. It is drawn in the popular european ligne claire style and published by Forlaget Eudor.

So far three Kurt Dunder books have been published in Denmark.

Click here to read the first 8 pages of “Kurt Dunder in Africa”.

Please share the big news and buy the book so that “Kurt Dunder in Greenland” and “Kurt Dunder in Tirol” can be available in English from Amazon as well. Thanks! 🙂


Eks Libris: Finn Sysholm skammer sig

Fra ide til færdig stribe: Tegneserien “Eks Libris” i Weekendavisen.

My weekly newspaper strip “Eks Libris” in Weekendavisen, from idea to finished strip.

Første skitse i blyant
2. skitse, digitalt på Cintiq 22HD
Færdig stribe

Eks Libris tegneserien skrives af Frank Maden og tegnes af Sussi Bech, er udgivet i foreløbig 8 bind af Forlaget Eudor og kan læses hver uge i Weekendavisens bogtillæg.