Kitty With The Big Balls

Kitty With The Big Balls

The cat Kitty on the road

Kitty hits the road

“Kitty with the big balls” is a brand new ebook for Kindle by Frank Madsen and Sussi Bech.


The inconspicious, unconventional picture book “Kitty with the big balls” shows Kitty’s struggle to survive in a hostile and unfair environment that demands that he work for food. Kitty is a proud and free but somewhat lazy, uncastrated male cat with a free spirit and a big mojo. In the end Kitty stays triumphant.


“Kitty with the big balls” is available from Amazon (Kindle edition).


The Origin of Kitty


Kitty is a supporting character from Frank Madsen’s and Sussi Bech’s weekly comic strip, Ex Libris, that appears every Friday in the literary supplement of Weekendavisen. The strip satirizes everything in the swank world of literature: the authors, the publishing houses, the bookstores, the librarians, and – the readers. Created in 2009, the weekly comic strip the size of a american Sunday strip has been immensely popular and has so far had its entries reprinted in nine book collections.


Also, Kitty’s picture book is for sale in a printed version in German and French.